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ABB Terra charging station - AC Wallbox - Type 2 Socket - 7 or 22 kW Single-phase - Three-phase

  • Wallbox AC 7 – 22 kW with T2S socket via the single or three-phase connection.
  • Possibility of electronically limiting the power of the 22 kW charger to 7 or 11 kW in static or of integrating dynamic load management via a smart meter.
  • Identification by RFID avoids free access to the charging point.
  • The terminal is connected (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SIM).
  • Web portals and management applications are supplied with the wall box.
  • Wall or stand installation – 1 or 2 chargers back to back.
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Presentation of the Wallbox Terra AC


Real-time load management

Thanks to the ChargerSync application, the charging station can be controlled remotely. The application also makes it possible to define the charging power of the electric vehicle, as well as to plan the charging time slots.

Complies with IEC standards and RFID identification

The Terra AC meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. In addition to complying with IEC standards, the terminal is very compact and allows efficient charging of the electric vehicle.

RFID authentication makes it a cost-effective kiosk for public or condominium use.


Integrated electrical protection

The Terra AC terminal is protected against overcurrent and also incorporates overvoltage and undervoltage protection. Likewise, the charging station incorporates a PE continuity monitoring system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The output power depends on your electrical connection as well as the version. The terminal delivers a maximum power of 7 kW in single phase and 22 kW in three phase.

It all depends on your electrical installation and the version of the terminal chosen. The maximum charging power is 22 kW depending on your installation configuration. But you have the choice to limit the power to 7 kW as well.

No. This terminal is designed with a single socket outlet for charging.

Yes. Authorization and initiation of charging by RFID to prevent free access to the charger and also to identify each person’s consumption in the event of use by several users.

Absolutely. Several tools are supplied with the charger to enable successful installation and operation as well as a ready-to-run charger:

  • ChargerSync  Web Portal & Mobile App,

  • Terra Config” mobile app.

The basic manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years (24 months) with the possibility of extension up to 5 years in total.

Yes. This terminal can be installed in two ways: Wall mounting or on a stand sealed to the ground (1 or 2 chargers back to back).

The terminal is connected through cellular connectivity (available depending on the desired version): 4G, LTE, WCDMA and GSM.

Only on the “W22-S-RD-MC-0” version there is an integrated MID-certified kWh meter (1 meter per charging point).

Yes. The terminal is communicating and allows remote management via the OCPP 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6J protocol, with GPS location. Likewise, the terminal is connected through cellular connectivity: 3G, 4G and GSM.

Absolutely. Depending on your needs, there is an integrated MID-certified kWh meter (1 meter per charging point).

Charging stations compatible with all models of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

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