JUICE Flow câble de recharge Mode 3
JUICE Flow Mode 3 charging cable
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JUICE Flow Mode 3 charging cable

251,99 $ TTC

209,25  HT

🟢 Le délai de livraison est de 7 jours ouvrables.

  • Le câble de recharge pour votre voiture électrique
  • Jusqu’à 22 kW de puissance de charge (charge 10 fois plus rapide)
  • 6 m de longueur de câble
  • Prise côté véhicule type 2, côté station de recharge type 2
  • Fiche et prise ergonomiques et robustes
  • Contacts argentés durs pour une transmission optimale du courant et une longue durée de vie
  • Câble de charge mode 3 conforme à la norme IEC 62196-2

Livraison en USA Métropolitaine

  • Within 7 working days
  • Return within 14 days
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JUICE FLOW is the rugged, high quality and affordable Mode 3 charging cable of choice. With the JUICE FLOW you can charge flexibly, reliably and with maximum safety at any public charging station worldwide.

The JUICE FLOW charging cable connects any electric car equipped with a type 2 connection to any public charging station equipped with a type 2 socket. It allows three-phase charging up to 32 amps and 22 kW. All components are extremely robust and meet the highest quality standards. The plug and the connection have a non-slip rubber coating and fit ergonomically in the hand. The plug housing, with a jacket specially developed by Juice, encloses the critical connection between the conductor and the contacts, protected from moisture, and ensures maximum safety and durability thanks to an integrated strain relief. The contacts are the parts subjected to particularly intense mechanical stresses. This is why the contact surfaces of the connector pins and sleeves are plated with hard silver for better conductivity and the longest possible life. The sleeves have spiral-shaped lamellae for better pressure distribution of the connection pins.

JUICE FLOW has 6 m of cable and weighs only 2.5 kg. The charging cable is designed to withstand currents of up to 32 amps. In contrast, most competing products can only charge up to 16 amps. It meets all legal requirements as well as safety standards according to the IEC standard and is tested by TÜV Rheinland. In short, JUICE FLOW is unbeatable in terms of price, without compromising on quality.

… superior quality at its best at an unbeatable price.
…tried and tested, as its identical connectors have been used with every JUICE BOOSTER 2 for over five years.
… protected against dirt and splash water according to IP44 and therefore also suitable for outdoor use.
… the guarantee of ideal flexibility thanks to the cable length of 6 m.
…compatible with all existing and new electric cars that have a type 2 connection.
… versatile. It allows single-phase to three-phase use with a maximum of 32 amps.
… temperature resistant and can be used between -30°C and 50°C.


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