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BOOSTER 2 – 22kW mobile charging station – Type 2 – 5m cable
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BOOSTER 2 – 22kW mobile charging station – Type 2 – 5m cable

800,00 $ TTC

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  • Charge at maximum speed, Up to 22kW charging power
  • Broadband Cable – Get the most out of your power connection
  • Automatic current recognition, no recharging power adjustment needed
  • Integrated differential circuit breaker
  • Weather and Crush Impact Resistant
  • Incl. 32 A CEE & house socket connection (integrated temperature control)
  • Suitable for all type 2 electric vehicles.

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Automatic adapter detection

This feature makes charging particularly simple and easy. The mobile charging station automatically detects which of the eight supplied adapters is connected, then independently adapts the appropriate charging power. You can be sure, always, that the socket will not be overloaded. Attention: Especially for old installations, we recommend having the wiring and the protection of the sockets by fuses checked beforehand by a specialist.

Secure charging at a household outlet

As a result of continuous charging on a household power socket, the cable may catch fire (for example, due to faulty wiring or incorrect positioning of the contacts). The JUICE adapter with Schuko plug is equipped with two special temperature sensors, which protect against overheating of the cable. As soon as overheating is registered, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 immediately interrupts the charging process, thus avoiding any damage.

Simple and easy refill

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 has been designed so that charging happens as quickly as possible. Thanks to an easy-to-use and durable connector, as well as automatic adapter recognition, charging time is kept to a minimum. Thanks to the charging power of up to 22 kW, your electric vehicle is charged very quickly.

The perfect travel companion

The supplied adapters and the protection devices of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 are adapted in the best possible way to the differences in electrical characteristics of European countries. Even during your holidays in Germany, England, Italy and Norway, charging your vehicle on local sockets will no longer be a problem thanks to adapters.

Integrated differential circuit breaker

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is equipped as standard with a circuit breaker for AC and DC fault currents (RCD DC 6mA, AC/DC 30 mA with protective conductor test). The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is therefore 100% compliant with the IEC62752 standard currently in force.

Waterproof and resistant materials

Thanks to the use of high-end materials, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 model and all its components are resistant to shocks, rain and snow and can even withstand the passage of vehicles. Protected by the case, the loader can support up to three tons of load.

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