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Novazones accompanies you in your daily life in relation to the charging of your electric car. From the installation and installation of terminals for your fleet of EVs, through remote management and supervision to maintenance by our IRVE authorized technicians.

Management & Supervision

We take care of the remote supervision of all your charging points through monitoring and management of your infrastructures.

We help you exploit the full potential of your terminals by taking advantage of all the communicating features of your terminals.

Our teams monitor the operating status of your terminals remotely 24/7.

Our supervision solution allows you to monitor, manage and optimize charging at your charging points.

We take care of the dynamic management of energy consumption in real time to avoid any overrun of your electricity subscription.


Through our maintenance contracts, we make your job easier thanks to a certified service, an authorized team, and regular maintenance.

In addition to the supply and installation of bollards, our service also extends to a preventive and curative maintenance contract.

Our teams carry out periodic visits to ensure the proper functioning and overall condition of the terminals on your sites.

In the event of a possible malfunction, our technicians assess the breakdown and draw up a repair estimate.

Our teams adapt to your needs and the infrastructures of your project in order to guarantee the proper functioning and maintenance of your mobility.

Real-time charging information

Regular remote firmware update

gestion et maintenance

Setting the fees for your charging sessions

Remote maintenance and technician alert

Frequently Asked Questions

Charging supervision services allow the following actions to be carried out remotely :

  • Access charging history,
  • Display consumptions,
  • Display the state of the terminals,

« For example to know if a terminal is free or occupied or to know if the charging of an electric car is in progress or finished. »

  • Alert in the event of a terminal malfunction,
  • Manage and define access to charging stations “RFID, charging card or other”,
  • Geo-locate the charging points on the various company sites,
  • Set charging rates and manage billing,
  • Management of sessions and load profiles.

Yes, supervision actually performs remote maintenance or troubleshooting actions.

Remote maintenance refers to the remote control of a system, via a communication network, with the aim of diagnosing, managing and solving problems related to the machine, some of its peripherals as well as certain problems related to its system.

Remote maintenance allows rapid and remote action to overcome the majority of system errors by technicians. Remote maintenance makes it possible to troubleshoot the charging station system quickly and efficiently.

By carrying out maintenance actions remotely, our supervision teams can resolve a breakdown or malfunction without having to go on site.

Terminal supervision includes remote maintenance. This option saves valuable time and additional travel costs for technicians. Thus, remote troubleshooting is preferred to reduce on-site interventions to a minimum and avoid unnecessary costly interventions.

Supervision and remote maintenance also make it possible to:

  • Carry out troubleshooting operations (forced restart, terminal reset).
  • Carry out an emergency stop of the bollard remotely.
  • Check the state of the system or even carry out a diagnosis with a view to an intervention.
  • Install software – firmware updates remotely.
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