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The Juice Booster 2 charging station can be plugged into any outlet, provided you have an adapter available.

Charging power can be up to 22kW depending on the adapter used.

The charging time depends on the vehicle, but generally fluctuates between 3 and 4 hours for a full charge.

The terminal is compatible with all types of vehicles provided you have the appropriate adapter.

In France as in the European Union, the delivery time is 7 working days.

Yes. Also coming soon is a stylish and economical wall mount, which can even be used to remove the charger with a handle if required. By using the JUICE BOOSTER 2 as a “wall terminal”, you not only save substantial installation costs, but also an expensive separate differential circuit breaker.

Yes. Because the JUICE BOOSTER 2 incorporates all of today’s mandatory safety precautions and more.

Absolutely not. That’s why the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is built-in and worry-free: It contains an earth leakage circuit breaker that detects all types of earth leakage current and trips early enough. You can therefore save the differential circuit breaker at 800 Euros and avoid paying your electrician his holidays

Yes. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 automatically detects, both on the mains side and on the vehicle side, the maximum number of phases and the maximum possible power. The main principle of Juice Technology: Simply use the adapter that matches the socket. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 takes care of the rest automatically.

Yes. Before starting the charge, you can reduce the intensity to the desired value using the SELECT button. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 will remember the set value (even if there is a power cut in the meantime) until a different adapter is connected.

Yes. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 saves the set value (even if there is no voltage in the meantime) until you plug in another adapter. As soon as your socket is powered, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 wakes up to start the vehicle charging procedure.

The device must switch off on a DC differential current >= 6 mA and must not reset itself. The reason for this is that other type A residual current devices (RCDs) in the building will be pre-magnetized and rendered ineffective. If an IC-CPD DC differential device only trips at a current greater than 6 mA, it gives an unwarranted sense of security because it is in fact as inefficient as if it were absent.

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